Rozenko offers villagers to abandon gas consumption 05/06/2016 13:23:35. Total views 1102. Views today — 0.

Vice Prime Minister Pavel Rozenko offered to rural residents consider an option to abandon gas consumption. He stated that on the air of Espresso TV, - informs Ekonomicheskaya Pravda

"For residents of rural areas it is promising in terms of energy savings. Yes, it is a radical step ... but it is necessary to consider an option to abandon consumption," - said Vice Prime Minister.

According to him, the gas price will not decrease in Ukraine and, therefore, it is necessary to look for cheaper alternatives.

As of May 1st the government established a single price on gas for the population - 6.88 UAH / cu. m (6879 thousand UAH per 1 thousand cu. m), equal to the purchase price of imported natural gas.