Checkpoints in the ATO area will not be closed onChristmas and New Year holidays. The headquarters of ATO denied rumors 12/10/2015 19:32:35. Total views 839. Views today — 0.

The deputy Commander of the Staff of the ATO Taras Dziuba denied rumors that the checkpoints on the border line can "go on vacation" at the end of December. He said this at a briefing in Kramatorsk, - reports the correspondent of Ostrov.

At the moment, the working hours of the checkpoints are defined by order of the head of staff of the ATO.

"Here, in the area of anti-terrorist operation, for us there is no weekend or holidays. Information that someone is going on holiday or begins to celebrate, does not correspond to reality ", - said T. Dziuba.

With regard to the requests of the OSCE to simplify permit on the New Year and Christmas holidays, the deputy chief of staff of ATO said, "Now I can not answer this question because it is of the political character. This decision is not only made by the headquarters of the ATO. If there is information, we will announce it".