Flowers were "forgotten" to be laid at the pedestal of Kiev city-hero. Our border guards helped 05/04/2016 21:20:30. Total views 1142. Views today — 1.

Pedestal of Kiev city-hero was left without a basket of flowers in Moscow on the territory of the memorial to Unknown Soldier against the walls of the Kremlin. At the same time, witnesses reported in the network that the pedestal of the Odessa city-hero "was full of flowers", - reports Ukrainska Pravda.

In response to this "forgetfulness" Ukrainian border guards and employees of the Embassy of Ukraine organized a guard of honour near the pedestal of Kiev city-hero, - informed speaker of the State Border Service of Ukraine Oleg Slobodyan on his Facebook page.

"They "forgot" to lay flowers to Kiev city-hero against the Kremlin wall. The Embassy of Ukraine in the Russian Federation corrected such "forgetfulness". Now there are yellow and blue flowers and border guards as a guard of honour on Red Square," - said Slobodyan.