Ukrenergo introduces emergency shutdowns in all oblasts 12/06/2022 11:54:10. Total views 382. Views today — 3.

Due to the russian shelling of power facilities, emergency shutdowns have been introduced throughout Ukraine. This was reported in Ukrenergo on December 5.

"Due to the consequences of the shelling, some power plants will not be able to operate at full capacity for a certain time. In combination with increased frost in the coming days, this will lead to an increase in the shortage of electricity in the system. In order to maintain a balance between the production and consumption of electricity, an emergency outrages mode will be introduced in all oblasts of Ukraine. Initially, electricity will be supplied to critical infrastructure facilities: hospitals, water utilities and boiler houses", - the message said.

Ukrenergo added that due to rocket attacks on energy facilities on December 5, the situation is difficult, but manageable. The energy system of Ukraine has retained its integrity and continues to operate synchronously with the network of continental Europe.

Repair crews of NPC Ukrenergo, together with colleagues from the oblast energy companies and electricity generating companies, have begun emergency recovery work at power facilities in Odesa and other oblasts. Therefore, dispatchers and engineers are working on powering the affected regions according to backup schemes. Where possible, consumers are connected.

During the absence of electricity, Ukrainians are asked to take care of themselves and their families, as well as to help those who need it nearby.

As previously reported, electricity consumption in Kyiv is limited to 575 MB in connection with another russian missile attack, but total blackouts are not envisaged.