Tanks with diesel fuel are burning in Bryansk oblast of russian federation. It is said that unidentified ammunition has arrived (VIDEO) 11/30/2022 13:10:48. Total views 333. Views today — 0.

Tanks with oil products are burning in the Bryansk oblast of the russian federation. This was reported by governor of the region Alexander Bogomaz on his page in Telegram.

"More than 80 people and 30 pieces of equipment, including a fire train, were involved in the firefighting. An airmobile grouping of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of russia in the Bryansk oblast was also sent to the place", - he told.

There were no reports of casualties, - Bogomaz specified.

Russian media were quick to report that "according to preliminary data, a tank with oil products at a diesel plant caught fire as a result of an unidentified munition dropped from a drone hit it".

According to the latest information, the fire area has increased to 4 thousand square meters.

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