VIP propagandist Simonyan understands that if russian federation loses, The Hague expects even kremlin janitors 11/29/2022 14:56:32. Total views 445. Views today — 0.

Russian propagandist Margarita Simonyan understands that if the russian federation loses, then everyone involved in the terrorist actions of the aggressor country will be put on trial. She told this on the air of one of the russian TV channels.

They are preparing to take our Crimea (recognized by the world community as the territory of Ukraine - OstroV). Well, we do the only thing we can do in this situation: we are bombing every day. We are bombing their infrastructure... God knows, we didn’t want this...", - she acknowledged the russian terror against Ukraine.

According to Simonyan, many people in the high entourages of the russian federation, whom she knows, understand that these actions are criminally punishable under international justice. She condemns them and urges not to be afraid of The Hague, but to be afraid to lose.

"I want to say that if we manage to lose, the conditional "The Hague" or the specific one is waiting even for the janitors who sweep the paving stones inside behind the kremlin wall", - she admitted the kremlin's responsibility for the crimes committed by the russian federation.

Based on this, the VIP propagandist proposes to continue the destruction of Ukrainian infrastructure, because "from the fact that one more district of Kyiv will be left without electricity or not, the scale of the catastrophe in which our country will find itself if we manage to do this (lose the war of aggression - OstroV) is impossible to even imagine".

"Therefore, if you are afraid of "The Hague", don’t go into the woods", - Ms. Simonyan calls to continue the destruction of Ukraine.