Republicans in USA to seek supply of long-range missiles to Ukraine 11/28/2022 13:48:18. Total views 408. Views today — 0.

Top Republicans in the USA promise not only not to reduce assistance to Ukraine, but also to seek the supply of long-range missiles to it. This is reported by BBC.

Leading Republican congressmen have vowed that after their party wins a majority of seats in the House of Representatives in January 2023, Ukraine can continue to count on bipartisan support.

The assurances came amid earlier fears that the new composition of Congress could allegedly reduce the amount of aid to Ukraine.

At the same time, leading Republicans invited to air on the ABC television company supported the statement of leader of the parliamentary party in the House Kevin McCarthy that the actions of the Joe Biden administration in this direction require greater accountability.

"We are not going to issue carte blanche", - member of the House of Representatives Michael McCall of the Parliamentary Foreign Relations Committee said.

McCall recalled that the recent aid package for Ukraine was given to members of the House on the very day of voting, and MPs had only a few hours to study it.

"Republicans will rule differently. Now we have the right of vote, and we are going to make this aid transparent and accountable, - he said. - Will this diminish our desire to help the Ukrainian people fight? No way. This will only be carried out more responsibly".

House Select Committee on Intelligence member, Republican Mike Turner also reiterated that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky can rely on the support, but it will become more structured.

"Of course, we will no longer have to pass bills blown up to $40 billion by the Democrats that were passed to end up sending Ukraine $8 billion", - he said, referring to a $40 billion aid package passed this spring, only a small part of which was intended directly for military support of Ukraine.

Both Republicans supported the transfer of long-range missiles to Ukraine, which the White House has so far opposed, and Turner also stressed the importance of giving it easy-to-use air defense systems.

Both Turner and McCall noted during the broadcast that if russia hypothetically wins this war, this will have serious global consequences.