Arakhamia hints Klitschko on possibility of "replacement" 11/28/2022 11:45:46. Total views 673. Views today — 0.

Head of the Servant of the People parliamentary party in the Verkhovna Rada Davyd Arakhamia states that the pro-government party will not allow itself to be "drawn into a political struggle on the topic of the Kyiv "Invincibility Points". He wrote this in Telegram on November 27.

"Kyiv remains a priority target for the enemy. The russians will continue to hit critical infrastructure to make life in the city unbearable. The task for all of us is to create points of stability in Kyiv where people will receive support at a critical moment. Either the city authorities will do this, or we we will find those who are not indifferent to 3 million Kyivans. We are really satisfied with both options. But there will not be and cannot be a political struggle on this topic", - Arakhamia assured.

"Why did we decide to conduct an inspection? Because the reports of the city authorities are very different from what people say and the media publish. We decided to check everything ourselves. With one goal - to correct the situation. Everything else does not interest us. Of course, someone can say, that the deputies are bad and the points are good. But if it happens that tens of thousands of Kyivans will have to urgently "inspect" the "Points of invincibility" themselves and they will see and hear the same thing as we do, then this will not make it easier for anyone", - Arakhamia noted.

"Therefore, I have a proposal. Within a week, the city authorities will correct the mistakes and we, together with the mayor, will go for an inspection. This will be the best proof that none of us are looking for speculation", - Arakhamia summed up.

As reported, mayor of Kyiv Vitali Klitschko is dissatisfied with the situation that is developing in his relations with representatives of the Servant of the People pro-government party.

The day before, Arakhamia told in Telegram how the deputies of the parliamentary party inspected the "Invincibility Points" in Kyiv.

"About 360 addresses were checked during the day. We saw that many points themselves need invincibility. Somewhere a sign just hangs on closed doors, somewhere elementary issues have not been resolved, somewhere everything is hung up on employees of establishments who bring tea from home and cookies for people. There was time for everything. But the crash test of the city authorities went badly and conclusions have not yet been made. We expect that they will be in the coming hours, not weeks", - Arakhamia wrote.