How Donbass was surrendered. Taruta and Parubiy told why there was no assault of the captured building of Donetsk Regional Council in 2014 04/29/2016 16:39:46. Total views 1324. Views today — 0.

Special operation of the Ukrainian security forces to liberate the building of the Donetsk Regional Council captured by separatist didn’t take place on April 7th, 2014 because of the order sabotage. Former chairman of the Donetsk Regional State Administration Sergey Taruta told about that, - reports Gromadske.

"Vitaliy Yarema (at that time - First Vice Prime Minister - Ed.) had a clear task - to liberate all the captured buildings and bring all the organizers to justice. 1100 people arrived. They were the most qualified units of the police and Security Service. They said they would organize assault of the RSA," - says Taruta.

However, according to former head of the NSDC Andrey Parubiy, each division found a reason to sabotage the operation.

"The key issue was the sabotage of orders, sabotage of plans and scenarios that we worked out. All have their own statutes and almost every divisions which activities we coordinated gave orders to, each reported to us based on their statute why they could not fulfill their part of work," - said Parubiy.

According to Taruta, the assault was postponed for several days and finally all the enforcement units just left the order without fulfilling the order.