Access to information is blocked for Russian journalist who dared to write "harsh" truth about the "DPR" – Khodakovsky 04/29/2016 14:24:58. Total views 1074. Views today — 0.

Access to information about Donbass has been blocked for Russian journalist Marina Akhmedova who dared to write truth about some aspects of "building" the so-called "DPR". Commander of the Vostok terrorist battalion Alexander Khodakovsky wrote about that on his LJ page.

"I do not know why and who needs it .....", but access to information about Donbass has been blocked for writer and reporter of top Russian media as Expert and Russian Reporter Marina Akhmedova.Our familiar pocket authorities, according to somebody’s order (although it is easy to guess whose one), sent to "towns and villages" a newsletter which forbids to provide her with information of any kind," - he outraged.

As previously reported, Moscow journalist Marina Akhmedova told how the Russian media deliberately created the heroic images of some militants who started the war in Donbass.

She also admitted that the Russian media deliberately omitted some negative processes that unfolded on the territories of Donbass occupied by militants.

"Not everyone, who is accustomed to the a-la Donbass media tradition, like... honest and unbiased materials and our media clique is trying to prevent attempts to show the truth about us to the Russian readers," – said the militant.

Khodakovsky Alexander is a former employee of the SSU, since the first days of the Russian hybrid war against Ukraine he broke the oath and became one of the leaders of Donbass terrorists. He created and headed the Vostok battalion. In the struggle for power and control over cash flows he was in confrontation with the so-called "head of the DPR" Alexander Zakharchenko. He is advocate of the ideology of Donbass accession into Russia, but his approaches to this matter don’t get support in the Russian Federation.