Kherson is under control of Ukraine again, AFU enters city – Main Intelligence Directorate (VIDEO) 11/11/2022 16:49:06. Total views 519. Views today — 0.

Kherson is returning under the control of Ukrainian troops - the AFU has already entered the city. This was reported in Telegram on November 11 by the Main Directorate of Intelligence of the Ministry of Defense.

"Kherson is returning under the control of Ukraine, the AFU units are entering the city. The retreat routes of the russian invaders are under the fire control of the Ukrainian army. Any attempts to oppose the Armed Forces of Ukraine will be stopped", - Ukrainian intelligence officers reported.

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Also, the Main Directorate of Intelligence warned the russians, who remained on the right bank, that in case of resistance, they would be destroyed. "The only chance to avoid death", added Ukrainian intelligence officers, is to immediately surrender to the AFU.

Let us remind that earlier, there was a video of how the residents of Kherson remove russian billboards on the streets.