Mothers of mobilized students in "DNR" were explained that they would fight for long time - "until further notice" 11/09/2022 16:28:49. Total views 440. Views today — 0.

So-called "military commissar of the DNR" Yevgeniy Kucherenko explained to the parents of the mobilized students that no one would demobilize them and that they would be on the line of contact "until further notice". This is said in the story of the separatist TV channel.

"The relatives of the mobilized students were accepted and explained the main provisions of the current legislative framework", - it says.

The so-called "military commissar" specified that "general mobilization continues to operate in the occupied territory, where all men aged 18 to 55 are subject to conscription".

Based on this, the collaborator stated that "all called up students... continue military service in accordance with applicable law until further notice".

Kucherenko reassured his parents that "none of them will be offended in receiving a quality education, completing their studies and receiving a russian-style diploma".

The author of the story added that all students receive a gentle allowance of 176 thousand rubles ($2900), are provided with food and uniforms.

As OstroV reported, the relatives of the students mobilized by the "DNR" occupiers appealed to president of the aggressor country Vladimir Putin with a request to return them home.

"For a month, being a subject of the Russian Federation, we have not come close to solving the main problem - the erroneously mobilized full-time students and interns have not been returned", - their video message says.

Mothers complain that mobilized students have been on the first line of defense without training and uniforms since February, including in the Kherson and Zaporizhzhia oblasts.