Measures for medical emergency response are reinforced in Odessa on May holidays 04/28/2016 21:04:50. Total views 1086. Views today — 1.

Measures for medical emergency response in case of need are reinforced in Odessa due to possible contingencies during the May holidays. Deputy Director of the Department of Health of the City Council Irina Sokolova stated about that, - reports UNIAN.

According to her, in case of contingencies on May 2nd, as well as other holidays there are clinical bases for organization of emergency medical care.

"We have prepared drugs for emergency care. We have a 30-minute readiness... All the staff doesn’t leave the city on holidays. All heads of major medical institutions, which have a reserve, will be at work on holidays,"- said Sokolova.

She noted that the city provides, if necessary, deployment of additional beds in hospitals. The department works in this direction in close cooperation with the office of the city ambulance station, with Odessa regional center for emergency medical care and disaster medicine.