"Plum". Mobilized are promised to be payed for murder of Ukrainians average salary in russia threefold 11/08/2022 13:30:28. Total views 188. Views today — 1.

At least 195 thousand rubles ($1437) will be received by mobilized russians for participation in the war against Ukraine. This is stated in the explanation of the Ministry of Defense of the aggressor country.

The minimum amount that the person called up for partial mobilization will receive will be 195 thousand rubles ($1437). This amount includes the social payment appointed by the president - 158 thousand rubles ($1165), which is not subject to income tax. Payments in excess of it are subject to income tax at a rate of 13%, - it notes.

The average salary in russia is currently about 67 thousand rubles ($49) a month, in the depressed regions of the region, it is much lower.