Mobilized raise riot in Chuvashia: they refuse to fight for russia without money 11/02/2022 12:42:45. Total views 310. Views today — 0.

Mobilized from the Chuvash Republic of the russian federation refuse to participate in the war against Ukraine due to the fact that they were not paid a one-time financial assistance. They voiced their position in a special statement, - the russian media write.

"Dear citizens of the Russian Federation, the mobilized servicemen of the Chuvash Republic turn to you!!! We are going to certain death for your safety and peaceful life, risking our own lives! Our state refuses to pay us money in the amount of 195 thousand rubles, which our President Vladimir Putin promised!", - the appeal reads.

"For the sake of what then should we go to fight for this state, having left our families without support??!", - the mobilized rhetorically ask.

"We refuse to participate in the Special Military Operation and will seek justice until we are paid the money promised by our government headed by the President of the Russian Federation!!", - they declare their readiness to kill Ukrainians, but for money, not for free.