Loan for 30 years. Cabinet of Ministers expands opportunities for participation in program for providing housing for internally displaced persons 11/02/2022 11:45:14. Total views 255. Views today — 2.

The Government of Ukraine supported the initiative of the Ministry of Reintegration and expanded the opportunities for participation in the program for providing housing for internally displaced persons. This was reported by the press service of the Ministry of Reintegration.

According to the government decision, IDPs with housing in the territories of communities located in areas of military (combat) operations, under temporary occupation or encirclement (blockade), the list of which was approved by the order of the Ministry of Reintegration, received the right to a preferential mortgage loan.

It is noted that changes to the Procedure for preferential mortgage lending to IDPs at the expense of the grant provided by the Credit Institution for Recovery (KfW) were approved at a meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers on November 1.

According to the changes, the winners of the selection get the opportunity to take out a loan for housing that was reconstructed no more than 35 years ago (previously 25 years). In this case, the winner has the right to choose housing in a different administrative-territorial unit than the one indicated in the statement of intent to receive a loan.

Also, the maximum loan term has been increased to 30 years (previously 20 years) and the standard housing area per single citizen has been doubled, which now stands at 52.5 sq. meters (previously - 21 sq.m).

In order to reduce the financial burden on the borrower in the event of a decrease in its solvency, the possibility of debt restructuring has been established.

In particular, by:

- installment payment of overdue debt on the loan;

- granting a grace period to the borrower, during which payments to repay the loan and interest payments are deferred;

- increasing the terms of crediting (but not more than for 60 months).

In addition, the destruction or damage to the housing for which the loan was granted, which occurred starting from February 24, 2022 as a result of russia's military aggression, is now the basis for granting the borrower a loan holiday, during which he can be exempted from paying the principal payment and interest.

The borrower must submit a report on the fact of property damage to the Register of Damaged and Destroyed Property in accordance with the Procedure approved by Resolution No. 380 of the Cabinet of Ministers.

Please note that if the basis for establishing credit holidays is the destruction of housing, such credit holidays are established until the citizen receives compensation for the destroyed real estate object, - the Ministry of Reintegration notes.