AFU are moving forward in Luhansk oblast, enemy attacks on Bilohorivka were repulsed - Haidai 10/28/2022 10:18:29. Total views 312. Views today — 0.

The AFU are moving forward on the Kreminna and Svatove directions in the Luhansk oblast, and due to unfavorable weather conditions, often only at the expense of the infantry. This was reported by head of the Luhansk Oblast Military Administration Serhiy Haidai on the air of the Priamyi channel on the evening of October 27.

"As for the Svatove-Kreminna direction, the Armed Forces of Ukraine are advancing there, - Haidai said. - The only thing is that it’s slow. But this is quite predictable, because there is no surprise factor anymore".

He stressed that now the weather conditions - constant heavy showers - do not at all contribute to the conduct of the counteroffensive, the equipment gets stuck in the ground, therefore, sometimes advancement is only at the expense of the infantry.

"The occupiers had time to destroy the bridge, mine the territory quite powerfully and pull up the reserves, - Haidai emphasized. - Now they are shelling the settlements that they had to leave quite powerfully".

Haidai noted that the invaders tried to break through to Bilohorivka in another direction in the Luhansk oblast, but all their attacks were repulsed.

Iit was earlier reported that Ukrainian defenders were holding Bilohorivka under heavy round-the-clock fire.