We are breaking the "second army of the world" and now the russian federation can only be a "beggar" - Zelensky 10/25/2022 11:01:23. Total views 393. Views today — 0.

Russia will no longer be able to be a subject of international politics and it will not be able to dictate something to the world. Volodymyr Zelensky announced this on October 24 in a video message.

"Ukraine is breaking the so-called second army of the world. And now russia will only be a suppliant. It is begging for something in Iran, trying to squeeze something out of the Western countries, inventing all sorts of nonsense about Ukraine, intimidating and deceiving. Never again russia will be a subject and will not be able to dictate something to anyone, it no longer has the potential to dictate and the world sees it", - the head of state stressed.

At the moment, putin is spending all of russia's potential on a war against Ukraine and the entire free world. In particular, the russian federation has already lost gas and military influence.

"There was gas influence - no, there was military influence - it has evaporated, there was political weight - now isolation, which is constantly increasing, there were ideological ambitions - now there is only disgust. And this is a very important change in the configuration in our part of the continent. The more russia will lose its potential now, the more real freedom will be given to all peoples both next to russia and within its borders. Ukraine is in the first place", - the President noted.

Let us recall that earlier, Zelensky called putin an old man who forgot how to keep his word.