"When Rinat was here, it was better." The number of people dreaming of "pre-republican" Donbass equaled the number of the "DPR" supporters – Khodakovsky 04/27/2016 18:06:09. Total views 1153. Views today — 0.

Leader of the Vostok gang Alexander Khodakovsky states that the number of people dreaming of "pre-republican" times is growing in the "DPR". The former "National Security Secretary of the DPR" wrote about that on his LiveJournal page.

"Many people already feel nostalgia for the old days, saying that "when Rinat was here, it was better". Sociological survey data confirm it by showing a slight difference between Akhmetov’s advocates and his opponents," - he wrote.

According to the militant, he was shocked by the sociologists’ data. "When I saw these data - I poured a glass and drank," – he says ironically.