Putin introduces "martial law" in occupied territories of Ukraine 10/19/2022 16:54:57. Total views 506. Views today — 2.

Russian president putin signed a decree on martial law in the "attached to russia" Ukrainian territories. This was reported on October 19 by the russian media.

Putin announced signing of the decree at a meeting of the Security Council of the russian federation.

"Constitutional laws on the admission of four new regions into the Russian Federation have entered into force. The Kyiv regime, as you know, refused to recognize the will and choice of people and rejects any proposals for negotiations", - putin stated.

He recalled that "before joining russia, there was a regime of martial law" in these territories.

"Now we need to formalize this regime already within the framework of Russian legislation. Therefore, I signed a decree on the introduction of martial law in these four subjects of the Russian Federation",- putin explained.

He stated that the decree "will be immediately sent for approval to the Federation Council".

"The State Duma has also been informed of the decision", - putin added.

As previously reported, the occupation administration of the Kherson oblast is being evacuated to the left bank. The entrance to the oblast was closed for 7 days.