Russian federation states that it is quite constitutional to release criminals from prisons for war against Ukraine 10/19/2022 13:16:50. Total views 537. Views today — 0.

The participation of russian criminals who are recruited from places of detention in the war against Ukraine is in line with the spirit of the russian constitution. This statement was made by head of the Human Rights Council Valery Fadeyev, - russian media write.

"Defending the Motherland is primarily a duty, but in some sense, it is also a human right. Therefore, based on the spirit of the Constitution of the Russian Federation, probably, even if a person is convicted, he should still have the right to go to war for the country", - he distorted the meaning of the main law of the Russian federation.

As previously reported, PMC Wagner recruits criminals, preferably murderers and robbers, in russian colonies for the war against Ukraine. Their release from places of deprivation of liberty takes place in an illegal way.