Russian missiles killed 14 Ukrainians on October 11 - Tymoshenko 10/12/2022 13:59:18. Total views 368. Views today — 0.

14 people were killed as a result of russian strikes on Ukrainian cities on October 11. Such statistics were given by Deputy Head of the Office of the President of Ukraine Kyrylo Tymoshenko in his Telegram channel.

Six of them died in the Donetsk oblast, another 8 - in the Zaporizhzhia. Another 34 people were injured: 6 - in the Vinnytsia oblast; 3 - in the Dnipropetrovsk; 17 - in the Donetsk; 7 – in the Zaporizhzhia and another person in the Lviv oblast.

As previously reported, rashists hit Zaporizhzhia with rockets on the evening of October 11.