"It was a deliberate blow". At least 14 people died in Zaporizhzhia, but this number could rise - Zelensky 10/10/2022 10:56:50. Total views 455. Views today — 0.

Russian strikes on residential buildings in Zaporizhzhia have killed at least 14 people, but the number could rise. This was stated on October 9 by President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky in an evening video message.

"This night, russian strikes on ordinary residential buildings in Zaporizhzhia killed at least 14 people. Unfortunately, this number could increase. The rubble is being cleared. More than 70 people were injured, including 11 children. All of them are being given proper care… It was a deliberate blow. The one who gave the order and those who carried it out, knew where they were hitting... There were also attacks on Kharkiv, the cities of Donbas and other cities of Ukraine... There were also strikes by Iranian drones and air strikes. The vast majority of them - on the civilian infrastructure of Ukraine and civilians... When someone wants negotiations, he does not do this. And when someone is a terrorist, he does just that...", - the head of state stressed.

It was earlier reported that russian aircraft fired 12 missiles at Zaporizhzhia - people were buried under the rubble, the authorities specified the number of victims. According to the latest information, 13 people were killed and 87 were injured as a result of the shelling of residential areas of Zaporizhzhia by russian invaders.