Drunken "DPR" fighter on Kamaz stroke a young woman. She was offered "not to blather" 04/26/2016 11:45:46. Total views 726. Views today — 1.

Drunken "DPR" fighter driving Kamaz hit a 24-year-old woman near occupied Bezimennoye village. 0629 reported it with the reference to citing its own sources.

The accident is reported to happen on the eve of the weekend in the evening when resident of Bezimennoye, 24 -year-old Snezhana Cherinko was walking with her little daughter.

"At that time, drunken 30-year-old militant was returning to the "muscled in" house. He was driving khaki Kamaz. Militant went onto the oncoming lane and hit a woman. As a result, the victim flew 5 meters away and fell on a bed of flowers,"- says the report.

She has been in the intensive care unit of Novoazovsk city hospital with numerous bruises and fractures for already 4 days.

Residents are raising funds for treatment. Snezhana, as it became known, is not only a single mother, but also an orphan. The issue of her transportation to Donetsk is being settled down.

The driver of Kamaz wasn’t injured, truck windscreen and side windows were smashed.

Cynicism of the situation is reinforced by the the position of leadership of the regiment in which the militant served. The deputy commander of the regiment with the call sign "Sasha Granite" tried to buy off the victim, offering her 3,000 Russian rubles for treatment. As he said "on drugs and do not blather."

It is noted that residents are outraged and are on the verge of expelling militants from the village.

The accident is reported to be the third one involving drunken fighters for the last Sunday in Novoazovsk district. So, on April 19th militants stroke a local woman in Kachkary in the evening the and on April 2nd - a man in Sedovo.