Russian human rights activists ask Prosecutor General of russian federation to explain sending of prisoners to war in Ukraine 09/19/2022 12:10:33. Total views 497. Views today — 0.

Members of the Human Rights Council under the president of the russian federation are asking the Prosecutor General of the russian federation to explain the sending of convicts to war in Ukraine. They have posted the relevant message on their website.

"Information has been widely circulated that thousands of prisoners across russia, who have the unserved sentences for various, including serious, crimes, are now being sent to Ukraine to participate in a special military operation", - human rights activists write.

They remind that it is possible to release a prisoner in the russian federation only on the basis of a pardon, amnesty or parole.

"In connection with the foregoing, we ask you to explain on what basis these persons are released from serving the sentence, if this information is true?" - the address said.

As previously reported, owner of the PMC Wagner Yevgeny Prigozhin actually admitted that he was actively recruiting prisoners from russian colonies for the war against Ukraine. Preference is given to those convicted of looting and robbery.