So-called "Prime Minister of DNR" in moscow deals with waste, which deserves russian order 09/15/2022 18:02:24. Total views 317. Views today — 0.

Russian official Vitaliy Khotsenko, appointed by the kremlin to lead the "government of the DNR", fled the Donbas to moscow and imitates the performance of his duties from there. This is evidenced by the messages of his Telegram channel and separatist media.

Khotsenko's officially protracted stay in the russian federation is called a "business trip", but the issues he "resolves" are insignificant and do not belong to the level of the "head of government".

For example, Khotsenko announced on Thursday that he had discussed with russian officials "a waste management scheme on the territory" of the occupied part of the Donetsk oblast. The "prime minister" also spoke with the Minister of Industry and Trade of the russian federation. "I managed to discuss the issues of the industrial development of the DNR with Denis Manturov", - he reported remotely.

The result of this "business trip" was awarding of Vitaliy Khotsenko with the russian Order "For Services to the Fatherland".

As reported, the russian federation is actively placing its officials in senior positions in puppet authorities of the occupied Donbas. Local personnel from collaborators are relegated to the second positions or completely dropped out of the nomenclature.