Putin refuses to sign Kozak's peace deal days after russian invasion of Ukraine - Reuters 09/14/2022 16:58:21. Total views 668. Views today — 0.

Russian dictator putin rejected the offer of his entourage to sign a peace agreement with Ukraine  a few days after the full-scale invasion. This is reported by Reuters on September 14.

According to the agency, shortly after the start of a large-scale war, advisers recommended that putin make peace on favorable terms for him, but the russian president decided to continue hostilities.

Reuters sources claim that one of these advisers was deputy head of the presidential administration of the russian federation Dmitry Kozak, who was the curator of the occupied Donbas until February 24.

He urged putin that a peace deal would save russia from having to continue the war, while Ukraine agreed to renounce NATO membership and become a neutral state.

However, putin insisted on big concessions from Ukraine and sought to annex new territories. All this led the russian dictator to reject the idea of signing a peace agreement.

"After February 24, Kozak was given carte blanche: they gave him the green light; he got the deal. He brought it back and they told him to clear off. Everything was canceled. Putin simply changed the plan as he went along", - one of the agency’s sources close to the russian leadership told.

The Kremlin stated that Reuters information is not true. Dmitry Kozak himself refused to comment.

As previously reported, in russian federation, municipal deputies of 18 districts had already signed a petition demanding putin's resignation.