Occupiers again fire on evacuation convoy in Zaporizhzhia 09/01/2022 16:10:37. Total views 439. Views today — 0.

The russian military has once again fired at an evacuation convoy in Vasylivka, Zaporizhzhia oblast. This was announced on September 1 in Telegram by the city head of Enerhodar Ivan Fedorov.

According to Fedorov, the shelling took place the day before, on August 31. The blow itself occurred not far from the place of filtration.

"The hit was recorded at a WOG gas station, which, fortunately, did not have the usual congestion of cars at that moment. After that, the city was shelled", - the mayor told.

According to available information, the enemy fired at the convoy with mortars. Moreover, as Fedorov emphasized, the russians "did it cynically" - the russian military let people along the route without checking, while they themselves hid in a safe place.

It should be noted that it became known today that the russian federation fired artillery at the route of the IAEA mission.