Pre-trial detention centers in moscow overflowing with FSB officers arrested for failure of "special operation" against Ukraine - media 08/23/2022 12:16:37. Total views 616. Views today — 0.

A large number of FSB officers arrested for the failure of the "special operation" against Ukraine are in the moscow pre-trial detention centers. This is written by the "We Can Explain" Telegram channel, citing its own sources in legal entourage.

An informant of the media outlet reports that a lot of new prisoners appeared in the cells of the Lefortovo FSB pre-trial detention center - counterintelligence officers who ended up there after the start of the war with Ukraine. Due to the overcrowding of this prison, many prisoners are being transferred to other pre-trial detention centers according to the "profile" terrorist articles.

Cells in Matrosskaya Tishina, also known as the Kremlin Central, are being vacated.

About the arrest of high-ranking security officials responsible for failures in the "special operation", as well as about the house arrest of Vladislav Surkov (Leonid Nevzlin was responsible for the creation of the "fifth column" in Ukraine, citing his sources). Surkov did not refute this information and does not appear in public in recent months. Researcher of the russian special services Andrei Soldatov wrote about the arrest of head of the 5th service of the FSB, Colonel-General Sergey Beseda, but this was denied by the rf Investigative Committee.