Invaders in Sevastopol decide to check bomb shelters 08/22/2022 17:03:19. Total views 581. Views today — 1.

So-called "governor" of russian-occupied Sevastopol Mikhail Razvozhayev began checking bomb shelters in the city over the weekend. He wrote this in his Telegram channel on August 22.

According to him, he decided to check the condition of the shelters after numerous questions from residents of the city in social networks.

"Since we still have a "yellow level", I checked the condition of the shelters over the weekend. I instructed to place signs everywhere where the shelters are located. To mark the basements with signs containing phone numbers and apartments where the keys are located", - Razvozhayev reported.

Let us recall that air defense work was reported in Sevastopol on August 20 and 21 – flashes were visible in the sky and shooting was heard in the city itself.