Court in annexed Crimea arrests for 10 days DJ who turned on Ukrainian song 08/16/2022 11:21:01. Total views 811. Views today — 0.

A court in the annexed Crimea has arrested for 10 days a DJ who played the Wild Field song by Ukrainian rapper Yarmak in the Crab bar in the city of Shcholkine. This is reported by Current Time with reference to the court’s website.

During the playing of the song and "the accumulation of visitors to the cafe", as stated in a court press release, the projector showed "Nazi symbols of the Azov Battalion banned in the russian federation. According to the court, by doing this, the accused violated the law on countering extremist activities and "expressed a clear disrespect for society".

He was charged with Part 1 of Article 20.3 of the Code of Administrative Offenses of the russian federation ("Propaganda or public demonstration of Nazi attributes or symbols"). The DJ admitted his guilt in court. According to him, he set a video with the Ukrainian song on the order of one of the cafe visitors.

The court reported that the "object of the administrative offense" was also confiscated, without specifying what kind of object it was.