Gang of Zaporizhzhia officials and police "earned" UAH 2 million a day on bribes for "fast" crossing of demarcation line 08/15/2022 10:27:49. Total views 452. Views today — 0.

Two million hryvnias a day were "earned" by a gang of the Zaporizhzhia officials and policemen on bribes for "fast" crossing of the demarcation line. This was reported in Telegram by the State Bureau of Investigation of Ukraine (SBI).

It is noted that in May of this year, the decision of the Defense Council of the Zaporizhzhia oblast approved the procedure for crossing the demarcation line by citizens of Ukraine. In accordance with it, Ukrainians must submit relevant applications, which are considered by authorized persons and, on their basis, appropriate lists are formed.

But some "moneymakers" of the Zaporizhzhia Oblast Military Administration, the city council and law enforcement agencies organized a criminal scheme for obtaining unlawful benefits for the quick and positive consideration of such applications.

In order to expedite the procedure, those who wished were asked to pay. A whole system of requisitions from citizens was developed, depending on the means of transportation and the speed of consideration of the issue.

On August 13, employees of the State Bureau of Investigation conducted more than 20 searches in the Zaporizhzhia Oblast State Administration, the city council and law enforcement agencies of the oblast, including those of persons who may be involved in this criminal scheme.

In particular, the SBI investigators detained one of the intermediaries red-handed at the time of the transfer of funds in the amount of $1 400 for the "positive" consideration of one of the applications.

"The scheme is broken, it is unacceptable to profit from the troubles of compatriots during the war. A notice of suspicion is being prepared for the attackers", - the SBI stressed.