"Combat" way of russian occupier: drugs, robberies, torture of cellmates and "business trip" to Donbas 08/09/2022 13:15:19. Total views 652. Views today — 0.

Russian director Nikita Mikhalkov called the St. Petersburg criminal, who went from prison to fight against Ukraine in the Donbas, a hero. He told this on the air of one of the russian TV channels.

According to Mikhalkov, recidivist Konstantin Tulinov spent a significant part of his life in prison. He received his first sentence at the age of 16, and then "one thing led to another: drug, robberies".

The last time, he was sentenced to 5 years, but the criminal "submitted a petition" to send him to the Donbas, to the front. As a result, instead of prison, Tulinov ended up in the ranks of the Russian occupation army.

He died in Ukraine. Mikhalkov reported that the recidivist was posthumously pardoned and recognized as a heroic participant in a "special military operation".

According to the Agency media, being in the Crosses pre-trial detention center, Tulinov participated in the torture of those arrested.