More than 6.6 million citizens become internally displaced in Ukraine 08/04/2022 11:10:28. Total views 824. Views today — 0.

Over 6.6 million people are internally displaced (IDPs) in Ukraine. This is evidenced by the data of survey, conducted by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) from 17 to 23 July.

The share of displaced population represents 15% of Ukraine’s general population and has slightly grown from the end of June when IOM assessed the number of IDPs at about 6.3 million. The recent movements were predominantly recorded from the east, south and north of Ukraine.

At the same time, 5.5 million people who were previously displaced have returned home. Most of them were displaced within Ukraine and 16% have returned from abroad. The key areas of return are Kyiv and Kyiv oblast, as well as Kharkiv, Odesa and Chernihiv regions.

The situation with IDPs’ employment remains quite critical and is one of the reasons pushing people to return. According to IOM’s data, 60% of IDPs who were employed before displacement have lost their job. 9% of IDPs had no income since the outbreak of the full-scale war, and 35% said their household income has been less than UAH 5 000 ($137) per month.

IOM’s survey also revealed pressing needs for winterization assistance among displaced persons, returnees and those who have never left their homes since the beginning of full-scale war. As many as 44% of all the respondents said they need support with heat-preserving repairs, such as fixing and replacing windows. 26% of displaced persons fear needing to leave their current accommodation due to insufficient heating ahead of winter.

IOM recalls the emotional support hotline for displaced persons 0 800 211 444, which provides emergency psychological help.