Price increase on gas in Ukraine can not be avoided – Groysman 04/21/2016 12:14:50. Total views 1069. Views today — 1.

Price increase on gas in Ukraine can not be avoided. Prime Minister Vladimir Groysman told that on the air of 24 channel in the evening on April 20th - said Uryadovyi Portal.

When asked about the potential increase in gas tariff, Groysman said: "There are commitments signed by the Ukrainian side that the gas tariffs will 100% correspond to its price. There is no other way.".

According to him, bringing gas tariffs to economically justified level will allow to overcome the massive corruption in this sphere.

"Low or economically unjustified tariffs is a field is for severe corruption. These are tens and hundreds of billions that different people have earned on these matters, - he noted. When gas for one category is 3000 and for the other one - 7, I want assure you that they write off for 3000 for t population and sell illegally for 7. Thus, they earn billions. "

Prime Minister stressed that the government is working hard to find solutions that will minimize the negative impact of the tariff increase on citizens.