Rashists attack Kharkiv and Odesa on the morning of July 26 07/26/2022 17:46:42. Total views 564. Views today — 0.

The russian occupiers shelled Kharkiv and Odesa at night and in the morning of July 26. This is reported by the heads of the affected territories.

As Kharkiv mayor Ihor Terekhov wrote in his Telegram channel, the enemy shells hit one of the central districts of the city, having damaged civilian infrastructure.

"Another night shelling of the city. One of the parts of Kharkiv, which is closer to the center, was hit. Traditionally, the hit was near a building that has nothing to do with the military infrastructure. There is no information about the victims yet. I hope that there will be no injuries or deaths. I ask every Kharkiv resident to be extremely careful", - Terekhov wrote.

At the same time, speaker of the Odesa oblast administration Serhiy Bratchuk reported that the rashists launched air strikes on Odesa in the morning.

"The enemy launched strategic air strikes on the Odesa region in the morning. Now all the information is being clarified, the rescue operation is underway and we will report all the information a little later. I hope that there will be no main casualties", - Bratchuk said in his video message.

As previously reported, the russians fired at the border points of the Chernihiv oblast from Hrad on July 25.