Russian federation suddenly increases pressure in gas pipeline on border with Ukraine and provokes emergency 07/26/2022 11:00:21. Total views 981. Views today — 0.

The russian Gazprom has increased the pressure on the Urengoy-Pomary-Uzhhorod main gas pipeline without warning, which provoked an emergency situation. This was announced on July 25 by the Operator of the gas transport system of Ukraine.

"Untimely informing the Operator carries potential risks for the normal operation of the Ukrainian GTS. Such a step looks especially dangerous for Europe, after Gazprom again reduced transit through Nord Stream 1 to 33 million cubic meters per day", - general director of the OGTS Sergiy Makogon.

According to the GTS Operator of Ukraine, untimely submission of information about switching and changing modes can lead to emergency situations on the main gas pipeline. As an example, we can recall the incident of 2009, when, under similar circumstances, an accident occurred on the gas pipeline of Turkmenistan.

Let us recall that earlier, yesterday, it became known that Gazprom announced the breakdown of another Nord Stream turbine.