People who do not want to evacuate will be checked by law enforcement officers in Donetsk oblast - Kyrylenko 07/21/2022 10:18:26. Total views 409. Views today — 2.

Residents of the Donetsk oblast who do not want to evacuate will be checked by law enforcement officers. This was reported by head of the Donetsk oblast military administration Pavlo Kyrylenko on the air of the national telethon on July 20.

"There are some factors. Maybe those who don't want to leave are somehow loyal to the enemy, but believe me, we and law enforcement agencies are also involved in this. And we also know the motives of some of them", - Kyrylenko said.

He stressed that the reasons for refusing to evacuate may be different, but some individuals may work for the enemy.

Kyrylenko recalled that evacuation continues in the region, and daily, up to 300-350 people are taken to safe cities. In general, according to the oblast military administration, about 340 thousand people still remain in the Donetsk oblast, in the territory controlled by Ukraine.

The head of the oblast military administration stressed that the local authorities have specially developed an evacuation algorithm. Therefore, residents of the Donbas always know how they will be evacuated, along what route and what is the final point of departure, where they will be and in what conditions they will be placed.

Kyrylenko also noted the importance of strengthening the evacuation before the autumn-winter period.

"I give examples for those who do not want to leave. Here is a person who goes to rest in a detached house, and in the morning or at night, this house is gone. Not only health, but also life is at risk", - the head of the oblast military administration said.

It was earlier reported that the evacuation of civilians from Bilohorivka and Verkhniokamyanka is still impossible.