"Jews defend Ukraine" - position of chief rabbi introduced in AFU 07/19/2022 13:24:22. Total views 379. Views today — 0.

The position of chief rabbi was introduced in the Armed Forces of Ukraine. This was reported by Hillel Cohen, who took this position, in an interview with the Ynet Israeli website.

"The task of the rabbi is to raise morale and help the soldiers in difficult situations, he cooperates with the chief military chaplain and, in addition to the religious symbols of Judaism, distributes to the soldiers the equipment necessary for battle, including helmets and armour vests", - the chief rabbi told.

Cohen's arsenal also includes special camouflage yarmulkes (kippahs) with an embroidered inscription "Jews defend Ukraine".

"The kippahs are in great demand, - he tells. - Even non-Jewish soldiers ask us for kippahs so they won't be accused of Nazism".

The rabbi's remarks are directed at russian propaganda that portrays the Ukrainian military as "Nazis", - the newspaper notes.