Authorities of the "DPR" are monopolizing the most lucrative business in the conditions of occupation – rituals services (Photo) 04/20/2016 11:57:11. Total views 1010. Views today — 0.

Ritual Service of Donetsk utility company that is controlled by the self-proclaimed government of occupied Donetsk establishes its monopoly on funeral services by force. Local residents informed OstroV about that.

According to the source, during militants’ time almost all the private salons of ritual services were shut down that worked on the market before the war. Witnesses said that the closure of competitors' utility companies" were often carried out by force. So, for example, Funeral goods in bulk ritual agency was closed in the Leninsky district of Donetsk. Armed men approached mournful office, entered the building and after some time took and drove away agency owners in unknown direction. Ritual company ceased its work then.

The fact that Donetsk Ritual Service is supported by the government and tends to occupy a monopoly position is evidenced by the fact that the separatist media regularly print advertising of this funeral company. The essence of advertising is to prevent that private agencies will deceive, so you can only trust the utility. Another private companies providing burial services are referred to as "crooks".