Ammunition is detonated: military depots of invaders blown up in Nova Kakhovka 07/14/2022 11:49:18. Total views 356. Views today — 0.

The warehouses of the russian invaders in Nova Kakhovka of the Kherson region are again detonated. This was announced on the evening of July 13 by adviser to the head of the Kherson oblast military administration Serhiy Khlan.

"Kherson region. Nova Kakhovka, Sokol district… another detonation of ammunition and shells of rashists", - Khlan wrote.

"Will the ruspropagandists again say that these are my warehouses with saltpetre?", - he joked, having remembered how the enemy propagandists explained the preliminary explosions.

Let us note that a number of russian media have already reported that the air defense systems of the invaders shot down five missiles, and fragments of two of them fell near the Sokol plant.

"Yeah, it fell on the warehouse with saltpetre, and it has already detonated on the entire remaining stock of ammunition of the rashists in the city", - people are ironic in social networks.

As OstroV reported, powerful explosions are again heard in Nova Kakhovka on the evening of July 13 and a red glow is visible in the night sky.