"Volunteers" of so-called "Young Republic" load ammunition at base of Pyatnashka illegal armed formation (PHOTO) 07/13/2022 12:30:41. Total views 611. Views today — 0.

"Volunteers" of the so-called "Young Republic", who died during the AFU strike on the military warehouse of the occupiers, were involved in unloading ammunition. This was previously reported by one of the leaders of the "Young Republic" Kirill Makarov on his page in Telegram.

He confirmed the by no means humanitarian nature of the mission of the "volunteers" with the relevant photos.

As previously reported, on July 10, the AFU destroyed a large ammunition depot in the village of Stepano-Krynka near Shakhtarsk. Separatist propaganda stated that as a result of the use by the Ukrainian side of the American HIMARS multiple launch rocket system, 46 "volunteers" were killed and wounded, allegedly carrying out a "humanitarian mission" in the military warehouse of the Pyatnashka armed gang.