Russian federation continue to say that it used only part of its "great" potential in war against Ukraine 07/08/2022 14:59:53. Total views 566. Views today — 0.

The kremlin continues to talk about the great potential of russia and that it is only partially used in the war against Ukraine. This was stated by press secretary of the President of the russian federation Dmitry Peskov, - the russian media report.

"The head of state appealed to those statements that are heard from Western countries and Kyiv that Kyiv will move on the battlefield until victory. Here putin thus recalled that the potentials are completely incommensurable. Russia's potential is so great in this regard, that only a small part of it is now involved in the course of a special military operation", - he stated.

Earlier, putin stated that he had not yet started the war "until the last Ukrainian", but he was ready for negotiations.

In turn, the Office of the President of Ukraine noted russian losses during a full-scale war against the backdrop of vladimir putin's statement that the russian federation has not yet begun to seriously fight against our country.