Britain refuses to discuss issue of death penalty for its nationals with "DNR" puppets 07/06/2022 15:16:13. Total views 421. Views today — 0.

Great Britain refused to discuss the issue of the death penalty for its nationals with the puppet authorities of the "DNR". This follows from the comments of russian ambassador in London Andrey Kelin to the russian media.

"There were appeals to us (the russian embassy in the UK - OstroV) in the sense that we are being held responsible for their fate and their further stay. We explained in detail that this is not about our jurisdiction – but about the jurisdiction of the DNR, and offered address it", - the ambassador said.

He added that this was the end of the dialogue with the British side.

As OstroV reported, three prisoners of war - representatives of foreign powers (British citizens Shaun Pinner, Aiden Aslin and Moroccan citizen Saadoun Brahim), who fought on the side of the AFU, were sentenced to death by the court of the so-called "DNR". No "crimes" of Ukraine's foreign defenders were voiced at the closed trial. The whole "accusation" was based on a fake article about mercenarism.