Traitor Balytskyi promises not to "mobilize" residents of occupied Zaporizhzhia oblast for five years 07/06/2022 13:24:58. Total views 300. Views today — 2.

Gauleiter of the occupied part of the Zaporizhzhia oblast Yevhen Balytskyi promises local residents a respite from "mobilization" to participate in hostilities. The traitor of the Motherland told this in an interview with russian media.

"Residents of the Zaporizhia oblast will not be subject to mobilization", - he stated, without specifying to whose army it is theoretically possible to forcibly send Ukrainian citizens.

According to Balytskyi, "delay" of mobilization could take five years.

"The civil-military administration does not call or mobilize anyone and will not do it. Our residents will not be subject to mobilization for at least five years", - Balytskyi promised.

As previously reported, the issue of "mobilization" of Ukrainian citizens living in the occupied territories is not decided at all by their puppet "rulers". So, in February 2022, the so-called mobilization of the entire male population to participate in the war against Ukraine was announced in the "DNR/LNR". Due to heavy losses among "reservists" unprepared for military affairs, including students, it was nicknamed "gravilization".