SBU establishes circumstances of missile launch at shopping center in Kremenchuk (VIDEO) 06/30/2022 13:09:43. Total views 489. Views today — 0.

The Security Service of Ukraine has collected numerous supporting evidences that the occupiers deliberately committed a war crime by hitting a shopping center in Kremenchuk with a rocket. This was stated by head of the SBU Ivan Bakanov on June 30.

"X-22 missiles were launched from Tu-22M3 bombers that took off from the Shaykovka airfield in the Kaluga oblast of russia. The missiles themselves were fired in the airspace of the Kursk region. The video from the moment of impact clearly shows that the invaders hit exactly in the shopping center, where many visitors were. You can compare satellite images of the city before and after the shelling. That is, all the fictions of the russian propaganda are refuted by the facts", - Bakanov emphasized.

According to him, regarding the shelling of the plant in Kremenchuk, there were no warehouses with military equipment there: it produced asphalt mixing plants.

"Based on the logic of the occupiers, supermarket shelves and even asphalt mixing plants are a danger to them. The russian army is a bunch of terrorists who will definitely be punished for their crimes. All evidence is still being carefully documented", - Ivan Bakanov added.

As previously reported, all the malls will be checked in Kyiv after the russians' missile attack on Kremenchuk.