Representative of russian federation to UN states that aggressor country has "legitimate goals" even in center of Ukrainian cities 06/29/2022 11:43:34. Total views 831. Views today — 0.

Russia will not refuse strikes on Ukrainian cities under the pretext of destroying military equipment supplied by the West. This was stated by First Deputy Permanent Representative of the aggressor country to the UN Dmitry Polyansky during a meeting of the Organization's Security Council.

"You must understand that arms deliveries have been and remain legitimate military targets for us, as well as mercenaries from your states. The facilities where these weapons and mercenaries are deployed or stockpiled also become legitimate military targets", - the russian diplomat addressed the world community.

He acknowledged that the russian occupiers launched a missile attack on Kremenchuk on June 27, having stated that as a result, military equipment supplied by Western countries to the defenders of Ukraine was allegedly destroyed.

Polyansky stated that the hangars on the territory of the Kremenchuk road machinery plant, which the russian federation hit, were precisely "legitimate targets".

He did not specify what kind of "law" allows the kremlin to continue aggression against a sovereign country.

The representative of the aggressor country also did not mention that the Amstor shopping center was destroyed in Kremenchuk as a result of a rocket attack with numerous victims and injured, but indirectly blamed Ukraine for this tragedy.

"The Kyiv regime deliberately stores weapons in the very center of cities, next to residential areas, endangering the population and turning it into a human shield", - Polyansky justified the criminal actions of the russian federation.