Zelensky proposes "five concrete steps" to G7 leaders 06/27/2022 17:11:35. Total views 884. Views today — 0.

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky proposed five concrete steps to the leaders of the G7 countries. This is said in Zelensky's official Telegram channel.

"During my address to the participants of the G7 summit, I proposed five concrete steps that could be useful for Ukraine, all of Europe and, importantly, to reduce the colossal costs of all countries due to this russian war", - the President noted.

"The first is effective security guarantees for our state. The second is modern missile defense for Ukraine and the supply of sufficient weapons. The third is the resumption of agricultural exports from our country. The fourth is the recognition of russia as a state sponsor of terrorism, a radical restriction of oil revenues and the confiscation of all frozen arrested russian assets. The fifth is the post-war reconstruction of Ukraine, which will be the biggest economic project of our time", - Zelensky stated.

"To act immediately and according to the general plan of global leaders is what is really necessary to restore peace and stability in Ukraine and all of Europe", - the President stressed.

As reported, Zelensky called on G7 leaders to make a "big push" to end the war before the end of the year.