Deployment of air defense in Ukraine should be part of NATO-Reznikov strategy 06/27/2022 10:10:46. Total views 205. Views today — 1.

The missile attacks on Ukraine from the territory of the russian federation, Belarus or the Caspian Sea are a challenge to the security of the whole of Europe, to which a quick response is needed. This was stated by Defense Minister Oleksii Reznikov on Facebook on June 26.

"Russian terrorists have committed another war crime – firing rockets at a number of peaceful Ukrainian cities. The meanness of these attacks is that they are carried out either from the depths of russia, from Belarus or the Caspian and Black Seas. This is a strategic security challenge for Europe. the response to this challenge should consist of two parts", - he noted.

Reznikov believes that it is necessary to strengthen sanctions against russia and deploy the air defense system in Ukraine as soon as possible.

"The first one is to strengthen sanctions. So that russia cannot manufacture and maintain high-tech weapons, which now contain many components supplied by companies from the NATO countries. The second one is the rapid deployment of an effective air defense/anti-missile defense system in Ukraine. This is an additional 500- 1000 km of security for each European city. This is a very clear and logical step that should be enshrined in the Alliance's strategy, and the long-term answer is equally obvious: the demilitarization of at least the European part of the terrorist state should be a condition for dialogue on restoring civilized relations with russia. The depth and parameters of demilitarization should be determined by experts", - Reznikov noted.

Let us recall that the russian military launched a missile attack on Kyiv on the morning of June 26.