SBU identifies russian agents in Cabinet of Ministers and Chamber of Commerce and Industry 06/21/2022 12:43:47. Total views 649. Views today — 1.

The Security Service of Ukraine has stated the identification and detention of the russian intelligence chain in the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The official statement of the department notes that high-ranking traitors passed on various intelligence information to the enemy: from the state of defense capability to the arrangement of the state border and personal data of Ukrainian law enforcement officers. Russian curators paid large sums for this information: from 2 to 15 thousand dollars per task.

"The FSB intelligence network was conducting intelligence and subversive activities in the authorities. To neutralize it, the Security Service's counterintelligence conducted a multi-stage special operation. As a result, the head of the Cabinet Secretariat department and the head of one of the CCI directorates were detained in Kyiv", - the SBU statement says.

Both the official and the employee of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry were recruited in russia. Their activities were supervised by the 5th service of the FSB. Employees of the SBU managed to establish the name of the curator - this is Yuriy Vodolazskiy, who works in the 5th service of the FSB.

Both detainees will be kept in custody until the court verdict.

As previously reported, the SBU detained a russian saboteur-Kyiv resident, who arrived from the Middle East to prepare explosions.